Impassioned by filmmaking from a young age, Ben Skipworth embarked on a life-changing move to Nashville in 2011. That move would set him on a collision course with the preeminent filmmakers in the region. He continues to hone his skills as both a commercial producer, documentarian and narrative director. His list of clients include some of the most groundbreaking musical artists and brands to include the NFL, ABC, and PepsiCo, and the list is growing. 


After a successful series of film festival hits, including the Tribeca International Film Fest and the long-running Nashville Film Festival, Ben has transitioned himself as a creative storyteller with the support of the local filmmaking community. His eagerness to tell the most human of stories is what entices producers to consistently employ his talents as a director. In the age of online content, Ben has amassed a unique catalogue of high level films and videos that have amassed millions of views while retaining heart behind each of them.