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Growing up in a small town in New Jersey, Jim Wright never envisioned a life outside of suburbia and was quite content spending his summers at the Jersey Shore, surfing, hanging out with friends, and even helping his mother out with her dressmaking business by becoming her human mannequin. But once Jim picked up the camera he never put it down. He started spending every summer taking snapshots of his friends surfing and in time, moved on to editorial photographing of international stars from Jay-Z to Ellen DeGeneres.


Jim forged his way into the country market by creating lasting relationships as a photographer with labels and managers. He has since added directing to his lineup, creating beautiful work for the likes of Aaron Lewis, Darius Rucker, Kelleigh Bannen, Leah Turner and many more.

Whilst his advertising, music videos and celebrity work keep him from becoming a starving artist, it is his passion for surfing, travel and Bruce Springsteen’s music that really inspires him. After all, you can take the boy out of New Jersey but you can’t take the New Jersey out of the boy.

Jim Wright is represented exclusively in the country music market by Taillight.

To view Jim's photography work, please click HERE. 

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