Leverage Your Brand with Your Audience’s Passion for Music & Entertainment

Taillight has connected brands and artists with audiences for more than 20 years. From producing large complicated events for live television to developing vibrant, award-winning music videos to creating engaging content for brands, our clients trust and rely on Taillight to deliver quality content and provide a proven strategy for sharing that content.


Great content starts with a great idea, and we’ll bring you lots of them. View our latest Capabilities Deck HERE.

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The Right Talent

First, we listen. We want to learn who your target audience is and what a win looks like for your brand. Then, through data-driven research and our relationships in the industry built over more than two decades, we carefully curate the most authentic artists to deliver your message. Once you decide which brand ambassador you want to work with, we manage expectations, communications, contracts, content delivery and more. From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way. 


The Right Content

We work alongside your team and your agency, brainstorming ideas to create engaging content to tell your brand’s story and influence consumers. From custom splash pages, and livestreams on Facebook, FB Premiers and Instagram TV, to 360 degree and long-form videos that include exclusive glimpses behind the scenes to quick bites of still images, cinemagraphs, boomerangs, gifs and rewinds, we utilize every tool to produce and tell your story and give you ownership of all these assets to use as you wish. 


We work with your team to strategically manage content deliverables and influencer publishing timelines to optimize your brand message. We share analytics and progress reports in real time to monitor the success of influencer messaging in your campaign. And we provide a deep-dive program recap once the campaign is complete. 


These are just a few of our most-loved clients.
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