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TaillighT, Dr Pepper AND Kingsford

get fans 'game day ready'

Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley help increase ad reach, site traffic and sales at Walmart for the fall football season.


Football Season significantly boosts grocery sales every fall. To capitalize on that momentum, Kingsford and Dr. Pepper hoped to draw the attention of football fans to their local Walmart to purchase their tailgating necessities.    



When you think about the perfect tailgate, a few staples come to mind: a cold beverage, a BBQ and great music. That's why the partnership between Dr. Pepper, Kingsford and country music was a perfect fit brought to life through relevant and engaging content from Taillight.    


Campaign In Action:

  • Taillight recruited two of the biggest names in country music, Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley to serve as brand ambassadors for Kingsford and Dr. Pepper.

  • Taillight produced and optimized this two-year campaign with a special focus on the three months leading up to football season. 

  • Taillight created the content for the Kingsford and Dr. Pepper media platforms to help create a better Walmart Shopping Experience for the fall football season. 

  • Taillight developed an online series starring Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean, showing fans how to get ready for games from shopping to tailgating and more! 



63% online
ad view rate

119k clicks
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