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Taillight director Justin Nolan Key creates 'outside the box' with immersive video

Recently, when chart-topping country artist Russell Dickerson wanted to celebrate the release of his new self-titled album with a memorable evening in Nashville, he tapped Taillight director Justin Nolan Key to create a truly unique, visual experience for his guests. The event, which was held at Nightscapes, a new showcase and special events venue in Nashville, featured an immersive, multi-screen video experience which brought each of the tracks on Dickerson's new album to life.

Taillight created immersive video for Russell Dickerson's album launch
Guests were surrounded by video on all four walls and the ceiling at this immersive event.

To fill the room with moving images, Key shot a series of footage in and around Nashville with Dickerson. He then carefully edited the pieces together to showcase the content at Nightscapes via built-in, 360° projection mapping and spatial audio to enhance the experience. Guests inside the venue were surrounded by the footage on all four walls and the ceiling as they listened to tracks off Dickerson's new album.

The effect was particularly powerful when the footage of a house in a sunny meadow was shown and later, with footage of a roaring campfire with the sound of crackling wood woven into the audio which created an almost warming effect for those in the room.

Director Justin Nolan Key (far right) looks onto an empty stage that awaits a performance from Russell Dickerson.
Director Justin Nolan Key (pictured far right) watches the first screen as the event is set to begin.

“It was such a unique experience. We often only get a 2-dimensional space to work with as filmmakers, but in this case we had five 2-dimensional spaces to create within and build the most immersive experience we could dream up," said Key, who has been directing music videos, commercials and branded content for Taillight for the last four years. "I'm always looking for projects that push the boundary of creative thinking and this certainly achieved that."

This is just one of many new ways that Taillight is creating innovative content for artists that want to think outside of traditional video content. In addition to music videos, visualizer videos, concert specials and music programming, Taillight is able to provide artists with 360 music content like this project and tap into showcasing that content across all social platforms to ensure they remain ahead of the curve.

Special thanks to the team who made this possible: Grace Schoper, Maggie Yajcaji, Laura Hostelley, and our crew: Matt Houser, Justin Nolan Key, Allen Howard, Bennett Self, Josh Boyd, Kenneth Herron, Barrett Depies, Ali Ryan, Jack Adams and Patrick Tyler.

Learn how Taillight can help your bring your vision to life. Reach out to the Executive Producer Branded Content Heather Byrd at for more information.


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