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Taillight’s Justin Key Directs Reba McEntire’s Emotional Music Video for “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

Known for her powerhouse vocals, chart-topping hits, and enduring influence in country music, Universal Music Group Nashville’s Reba McEntire has been captivating audiences for decades.

Reba McEntire's music video for her hit song "Seven Minutes in Heaven," tells a story of love lost and a woman’s yearning to be reunited with her departed loved one in heaven. It’s a poignant and emotional track that has resonated with listeners on a deeply personal level since its launch in 2020, and one that Reba tributes to her late mom, Jacqueline.

Translating the raw emotion of a song like "Seven Minutes in Heaven" into a music video is no easy task. It requires a director who not only understands the essence of the song but also has the creative vision to bring it to life visually. That's where Taillight Director Justin Key comes in. Having worked with Reba in the past on multiple music videos from his time as the Creative Director at Big Machine Label Group, he recalls how easygoing she is “Reba is up to par with Dolly. What you see is what you get and what you get is ultra-talented.”

Reba and Director Justin Key
Reba and Director Justin Key

Justin Key's vision for the music video was to create a visual narrative that mirrors the song's message of loss, longing, and the hope of reuniting in the afterlife. Filmed on a soundstage in LA, the backdrop is hazy with light falling off into a darker space with performances throughout. In the middle of the floor sits a diner-like booth lit by a single source of light where an actor is placed in representation of Reba’s mother. “We wanted to do the song justice,” says Director Justin Key, “simplifying it with a stage and glowing light, letting Reba take the moment in.”

The collaboration between Reba McEntire and Taillight's Justin Key for the music video "Seven Minutes in Heaven" is a masterful example of how a talented director can translate the emotional power of a song into a captivating visual experience. The video beautifully complements the song's themes and takes viewers on an emotional journey reminding us that great art can touch the soul in profound ways.

Watch the full video here and see more work from Director Justin Key here.

Special thanks to the crew and cast for their hard work on this music video:

Artist: Reba McEntire

Label: Universal Music Group Nashville

Production Company: Taillight

Executive Producer: Matt Houser

Producer: Nick Lantz

Director: Justin Key

DP: Diego Casho

Production Assistant: Chris Clarke

Best Boy Grip: Nathan Trumball

Gaffer: Giovani Palacino

Best Boy Electric: Christopher Grajales

Art Director: Tyler Vogel

1st AC: Sofia Gonzalez

2nd AC: Seth Craven

Steadicam Op: Quaid Baca

Key Grip: Pablo Ruff-Berganza

H/MU: Lizzy Arroyo


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