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Tom Forrest - Taillight President
President / Executive Producer / Director

Not sure how I ended up doing what I love for over 30-years, but I am thankful every
day for the projects I have created with so many talented people across the country and
the world. Music is really what keeps me motivated and drives me. I love going to see
live music, not as an industry insider but as a fan. Not many people in the business can
say that anymore.

Some of my most memorable projects having been a part of 58 episodes of CMT
Crossroads. The series launched in 2002 and my first episode as a producer was with
Elton John & Ryan Adams. What a backstory there! Other favorites were Jimmy Buffett
& Zac Brown Band, Willie’s 80th Birthday Crossroads Celebration from Jack White’s
studios and Taylor Swift & Def Leppard.

I also love Christmas and every year I seem to be a part of one special or another: Amy
Grant, Brett Eldredge, Cody Johnson, Lady Antebellum and a quite a few more. They
are fun to do and love having to focus on creative around an Artist’s new Christmas

Comedy is also a blast. I have directed and produced over seven Ron White Specials.
He truly is the master of stand-up comedy plus countless others.

Lastly, New Year’s Eve has been the most current fun project to work on. Each year I
produce and direct over 30 pre-tape performances for CBS’ Nashville’s Big Bash. Each
artist is in a different bar or Honkytonk along Nashville’s Lower Broadway. Artists have
included: Blake Shelton, Morgan Wallen, Lainey Wilson, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert
Dierks Bentley and countless others.

In my free time, I go to many shows and festivals as a punter (fan) with my buddies or with
my wife and daughters. This will be my 15th Bonnaroo. First one in 2007. Yes, we camp!

“You may be on the right track, but you will get run over if you just stand there”
-Will Rogers

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