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Shane Drake Directs Kelsea Ballerini in New Video

The official music video for “MISS ME MORE” from Black River Entertainment artist KELSEA BALLERINI is digitally available now. The empowering new single intensifies as Ballerini fights an unlikely opponent during the “Miss Me More” music video. Pulling from a concept that Ballerini envisioned almost immediately after writing “Miss Me More,” the edgy storyline allows Ballerini to express her creativity both in music and on-screen.

Award-winning, Taillight director SHANE DRAKE was tapped to bring Ballerini’s vision to life. The gritty music video was shot at Jaxon Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, CA, and choreographed by fight coordinator, Brendon Huor (SOLO, Rogue One, Kingsman 2, and Creed). The production day was more like an 11-hour workout than a typical day on a music video set.

“I wrote ‘Miss Me More’ about a time when I was rediscovering myself after a bad breakup,” Ballerini admits. “I felt like I was fighting for myself and so, I always had the vision for this video as a dark, intense, fight scene to reflect that. I can’t wait for everyone to see a new perspective of this song.” Fans can view the full video here. “Miss Me More” is featured on her expanded sophomore album, UNAPOLOGETICALLY (Deluxe Edition), available now.



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