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Aussie Hair Care and Baddie Winkle Call On All Blonde Babes

If we’ve learned anything during this challenging year, it’s that there are new and unique ways for businesses to communicate and collaborate together. That is exactly what our team accomplished when working on a recent project for Aussie Hair Care.

The well-loved Australian company, Aussie, and their London-based agency team, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, joined forces with Westy Productions in Los Angeles, CA. However, the starring talent for the campaign, Baddie Winkle, a colorful, 92-year-old luminary and influencer with millions of fans worldwide, is based in Kentucky. So, because travel wasn’t an option this year, Westy Productions turned to Taillight to partner on the project.

With the project producers and the client all residing in different areas of the world and more importantly, different time zones, clear cut communication was key. The team found a smooth rhythm by utilizing Zoom and WhatsApp to stay on top of project deadlines.

“When we closed for the day, we would download all information to the Taillight team who would then put those details into action.” said Olivia Bascand, Senior Account Manager for Hill+Knowlton Strategies “This allowed us to start each day up to speed and on the same page.”

On set, our team followed strict Covid precautions to keep everyone safe which included a dedicated crew to clean and maintain all high-touch areas throughout the shoot.

“We would wipe down each product before and after the talent interacted with it,” explained Matt Houser, Executive Producer for Taillight on the project. “The procedures that the Taillight team had in place made the client and talent feel at ease and we were able to execute the shoot with a small crew because each member went above and beyond, wearing multiple hats. Director Jason Wallis did an impeccable job of keeping the project on time, on budget and running efficiently.”

For the campaign creative, it was important to showcase Baddie Winkle’s playful personality and stay true to the brand and the concept for the video really brought this idea to life. In this content, Baddie is a thief that goes to the Aussie warehouse and steals the Blonde Hydration product, because let’s be honest, you can never have too much of a great hair care product.

Since the client and agency could not attend the shoot in person, we utilized Zoom for the location scout and shoot and we were able to collaborate and share feedback in real time. Whether in Australia, the UK, LA or Nashville, each team member could see exactly what was happening and provide input via a live Zoom link throughout the entire shoot.

The teams then spent a couple weeks finalizing three hero videos to go live across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. In the end, the collective team did an excellent job of working together and using the technology tools available to execute an efficient and successful project.


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