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#ShareASquare Campaign with Cottonelle and Bobby Bones

To promote against toilet paper hoarding during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cottonelle came up with the #ShareASquare initiative. In order to promote the charitable campaign, their Walmart team called on Taillight to tap into the country music community.

Who better to get the message out there, than the king of country radio himself, Mr. Bobby Bones. Taillight worked with Cottonelle and Bobby Bones to create a video to share the details about the initiative. This playful video brought an important message of sharing to his wide audience.

For this campaign timeliness was important so the team acted quickly. The content was produced and posted in just a few short days.

Cottonelle encouraged fans to show how they shared toilet paper with those in need and they will donate $1 for each social post that features #ShareASquare through June 1,2020 (up to $100 000). In addition, they will donate $1 million to United Way Worldwide's COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund, and partnered to donate 1 million rolls of toilet paper over the next three months.


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