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New music video for Dillon Carmichael, directed by Taillight’s Jim Wright

Small town boy turned country star, Dillon Carmichael, just released the official music video for “Son Of A,” the first single off his sophomore album. Directed by Tailight’s Jim Wright, the music video was filmed in Carmichael’s hometown of Burgin, Kentucky, featuring most of his family including his parents.

The emotional tune, “Son Of A” is a story about tough love, diving into the strained relationship between a parent and a child, and reflecting on that relationship years later. Director, Jim Wright recalls the first time he heard the song, saying, " I connected with it from a personal level and it stirred so many emotions, I didn't have to listen to it that many times before I knew what I wanted to do."

As a tribute to Carmichael’s parents, it was important to create a music video that encompassed the connection of real people, parenthood, and someone who cares.

“It was an emotional day shooting this video. It’s such a powerful song, and to see my whole family in one day – some of whom I hadn’t seen in years – was truly something I’ll never forget,” Carmichael told Whiskey Riff.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos and watch the premiere of "Son Of A" below.

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