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Rhone Celebrates With Eric Decker on Father's Day

Rhone is a popular men's athletic clothing brand that partners with successful and inspiring men to help enhance their marketing message. We approached the brand with an idea for a Father's Day marketing campaign featuring a celebrity who checks all the boxes: former NFL Wide Receiver Eric Decker. Eric is starting a new chapter in his life outside of football and Rhone gave him the platform to share that story, all while aligning with their #ForeverForward campaign messaging. 

Life looks a little different for this former NFL player. Retirement has changed his everyday life, although it's still packed with plenty of activity.

With these videos, Rhone was able to give Eric a platform to tell about this new chapter, all while sharing their marketing message, "Actions speak louder than words." These branded videos show a day in the life of Eric Decker, whether it's business meetings, playing with his kids or staying in shape, Rhone has comfortable clothing for all his activities.

With over 15 million impressions and just shy of 500 thousand views, it's safe to say that the story's authenticity really resonated with Rhone's customers.


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