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The Road of Influence- Cars and Music

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Automotive salespeople have gained a reputation for being pushy with a vested interest in selling cars. Ergo the need for a third party voice that can be trusted during the selling cycle, which is the INFLUENCER.

With the growing mistrust of automotive salespeople, the influencer voice is more and more important. With the right influencer, auto brands are able to provide their prospective buyers with an advocate that is an authentic supporter of the car, all while staying neutral.

What is the right influencer for your car brand?

Since the beginning, music and cars have always gone hand in hand. The car is where we spend most of our time listening to music so it only seems natural that music artist influencers are a great fit for car companies. Country artist, Thomas Rhett, recently teamed up with Ford for #FordMusic Truck Month. His new single, ‘Sixteen’, is about learning to drive and the memories made in his car. Ford used Rhett’s connection to the truck brand and his music to attract his loyal fan base. By capitalizing on the natural correlation between music and cars, brands are able to use the music influencer’s devoted following to drive awareness and reach different demographics such as age, culture, gender, etc.

What does the future look like?

By 2020, millennials will account for close to 40% of all automotive sales, so it is important that car companies acknowledge that fact when developing their marketing plan. And where do millennials spend most of their time? Listening to music and surfing the internet, therefore it is important to ensure your brand’s content is being pushed through the right channels, to the right people and at the right time. Influencers can bridge the gap and reach people where they want to be reached. This is especially true in the automotive industry since people spend more than 8 hours doing research online before purchasing a car. Since customers are researching more online, video content is more imperative than ever. 65% of automotive shoppers report narrowing down their car choices after watching a video. By uploading a video to social media, especially with a music influencer they recognize and trust, brands are connecting to viewers in new and exciting ways.

“The best way to bring interaction to the picture in this industry is to engage influencers on social media. Interaction, in turn, will drive growth across all sectors...” Nicholas Dutko, Founder and CEO at Auto Transport Quotes

What role does social media play?

According to Automotive New, social media has transformed the way companies launch new vehicles. Through influencers, automotive companies are introducing their vehicles and telling their story to new audiences that were previously unreachable. They are turning those interactions into action. In sales, action is key, especially with large investments like a car. An influencer can connect with a potential customer and turn that connection into a sale. Taillight has been connecting brands with influencers for years and the reach and results are powerful. The auto industry can capitalize on that influence to help them win the marketing race.

*Thomas Rhett and Ford worked with Music Audience Exchange for the Ford Music Truck Month feature.


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