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Thinking of using a music influencer to promote your brand? Now is the time to engage.

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

A letter from our Taillight founder, Tom Forrest:

Can you believe it? This year is off to just as crazy of a start as 2020 finished, but as cold and tumultuous as it seems to be right now, I do sense optimism from friends, staff and clients for better days in the coming months. No other sector in the economy has been hit harder then the live music touring industry.

Artists in all genres have been doing their best to engage their fan base by staying active on socials, utilizing live stream performances, creating podcasts and cranking out a ton of new music.

Artists have been also supplementing their income by aligning with brands through social media. And it has been a win/win for everyone. Brands have been able to utilize A-list talent to associate with their products at unprecedented value. And through these partnerships, artists have been able to maintain their income stream to help pay their expenses and staff.

But, as with all good partnerships, and thankfully with COVID, this too will end soon. By many predictions, live entertainment will be back on by the fall. Audiences will be paying top dollar in a very crowded marketplace. Artists will have one goal: TO PLAY TO AS MANY FANS AS POSSIBLE! To prepare, promoters and agents have been jockeying and planning for months routing tours. In late 2021, the public’s thirst for live music will be at an all-time high.

That's why, now is the right time for agencies and their brand clients to secure year-long endorsement deals with artists as they head back into touring season this fall. With an early partnership, a win can be had by both parties as brands and artists are able to negotiate fair terms for both sides in anticipation of a HUGE fall when MILLIONS of consumers will be engaged with live music and socials. After all, there will soon be a tipping point when tickets go on sale in the next few months, guaranteeing touring dollars in hand and less room for negotiation.

So, whether it’s a Hip Hop, Pop, Rock or Country artist, consider finding the right ambassador that aligns with your brand now to be prepared before the mad rush starts.


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